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Peshtemals (Turkish hamam towels) & Beach towels




The original Turkish Hamam towel that is soft, ultra absorbent, fast drying and space efficient. Popular uses include gym towel, beach towel, baby wrap or baby sheets, table cloth/runner, sarong and so much more. Its uses are limited only by your needs.


These luxuriant flat weave towels are hand woven on ancient looms, with skills passed through the families, generation after generation. This particular Anatolian craft has survived from the 13th Century and has found resurgence today. Loomed from all natural fibers including 100%  Cotton, Cotton/ Bamboo blends and Linen. Each large towel measures 100*180cm and finished with hand knotted tassels.


This is easily the most versatile home textile product you will ever buy , the perfect Christmas gift this year and indispensable this summer.



For those who want the style of a pestemal but still want the thicker terry towelling as well, our new range of beach towels are the best of both worlds.  One side lightweight colourful pestemal and the other side a pure white looped cotton terry-towelling. 


Handmade & hand sourced from the heart of Turkey. All items located & shippped from Victoria, Australia. Importers, retailers, wholesalers.