These are the original Turkish towels! The quality of our pestemal range ensures that you are buying a product that will not just last, but last beautifully wash after wash after wash. With no fear of the towel getting out of shape or the tassels untying like in some other similar towels.

  • 100% Mediterranean cotton
  • Flat weave with white middle and coloured stripes on ends


  • or 50% Mediterranean cotton/Linen blend 
  • Waffle weave grey middle with flat weave grey stripes on ends


  • 30*30cm + tassels
  • Hand knotted tassels
  • Loomed
  • Made in Turkey
  • Machine wash
  • Absorbent and fast drying
  • Lightweight/easy for packing

Our range is produced in Buldan, Turkey using family traditions that ensure both quality and the continuing of an important Anatolian cultural craft.

Available in:

White flat weave with sky blue trim (100% cotton)

White flat weave with sandy beige trim (100% cotton)


**These size pestemals work well as table napkins**

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