'Sitki' Unesco Collection - Hammam Bowl 19cm

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Each piece in this collection was created by Sıtkı Olçar.

One off hand painted ceramic hammam bowl in Selcuk Turquoise inspired designs.  Shaped to be used as the traditional hamam bowls in the Ottoman empire.

Height: 6cm Width: 19cm Length: 19cm Approx

Master ceramicist, Sitki was awarded the Unesco Living National Treasure Award in part to his work in rediscovering the 300 years lost secret of the Kutahya Coral Red colour.

His shapes, designs, colours & devotion to Turkey's fine ceramics history is unparalleled. His works can be found in National and International Museums across the globe as well as private collections.

We at Nomadic Son feel extremely humbled and blessed to be able to offer you a piece of Turkish ceramic history.