The trivet is 18cm in diameter and 1cm thick with a heatproof backing.  Featuring a Tree of Life design. 

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Poor Quality Control

29th Nov 2013

I purchased this trivet along with 2 others with alternate patterns. The other 2 were nice and flat and I would rate them 3 to 4 stars. However this particular trivet was badly warped - the edges on opposite sides were about 2mm clear of the table surface. When I placed a pot on the trivet it snapped in half. I am discouraged from any further purchases of these trivets as it is a clear example of inconsistent quality Dear customer, we are deeply saddened and sincerely apologise for your unhappiness with one of our products. This is the first instance we have heard of one of the trivets snapping in half, ever. We wish you could have contacted us directly and we would have happily sent a replacement trivet. We will endeavour to check all trivets more thoroughly in the future so this does not happen again. Again, please accept our sincerest apologies. Nomadic Son