Kilim & carpet underlay:

We have an in store service that can fit an underlay to your kilim or rug. This underlay can be used on hard or soft floors and has a very light adhesive on both sides providing added protection for your kilm or rug, makes vacuuming easier and additional cushioning underneath your feet.


Kilim & carpet cleaning:

We are able to provide a full cleaning and washing service for handmade and machine made rugs. Wool rugs and kilims have an unbelievable ability to hide dirt and dust, hence harbouring much more dirt than you think before they start to ‘look’ dirty.

You can trust that we will take great care of your rugs from when they are placed in our care till they are returned to you. Please contact us on 0429 899 006 to discuss your rug and kilim cleaning needs.


Kilim & carpet repairs:

We can do simple repairs such as adding ‘chains’ to your kilims or rugs if they were sold to you without them. This is something important to look for as these chains keep the wefts or knots from ‘falling’ off the warps, crucial for the longevity of your rugs.


For other repair or restoration works, we are able to put you in contact with experienced and trustworthy carpet/kilim repairers.

**The absolute best way for us to understand what you need is for you to send detailed pictures of the area that needs repairing.**