Master Works: Denotes an original and unique piece in which the artist is free to design their artwork.

Handmade and hand painted ceramic plate.  Its design features traditional 15th Century Ottoman 'Halic' intricate floral design with a mixture of flat and raised painting techniques with ornate edges.   In the centre lies a Whirling dervish.

This piece is part of the Phosphorus collection which means once the piece has absorbed natural sunlight during the day, the white parts of the piece glow in the dark.  Amazingly beautiful with out this - however the added phosphorus effect makes it a marvel of execution, patience and uniqueness.

There is a pre-drilled hole at the back for easy hanging. 


-30cm Diameter, 5cm H approx

 Hand wash.

  Please note that this is an original handmade piece and as such there may be small irregularities that distinguish this piece from machine made counterparts.


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