Handmade and hand painted ceramic bowls.  Its design features colourful Ottoman florals on a white bottom and bold coloured sides.   Price is for one bowl.


-7cm W, 3.5cm H approx


Lead free and food safe. Hand wash

- Please notify us of which colour/s you would like to receive.  As each piece is hand painted yours may be slightly different from the exact one pictured.  Please note that these are original handmade pieces and as such there may be small irregularities that distinguish this piece from machine made counterparts.


Available colour options:


* Millenium Blue & White #1

* Millenium Yellow #2 SOLD OUT

* Millenium Purple #3

* Millenium Dark Blue #4

* Millenium Dark Brown #5

* Millenium Orange #6

* Millenium Pink #7

* Millenium Black #8

* Millenium Light Green #9

* Millenium Dark Green #10

* Millenium Light Brown #11

* Millenium Light Blue #12

* Millenium Red #13 SOLD OUT







- We take care to pack all our ceramic orders with the appropriate protective wrapping to ensure your order arrives to you safely. 


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