These traditional exfoliating mitts have been used for centuries in Turkish bath houses and for good reason! Woven from natural undyed goat hair, these exfoliating mitts are the best quality and offer the best results.


Exfoliation is recommended once a week, or more frequently if needed. Not only does this practise leave your skin feeling incredibly soft by removing the dead outer. In addition, regular exfoliation improves the circulation of the blood and lymph, improving the skin functions from within.


For best results:


Soften skin in the shower or bath. Rub your kese vigorously over your skin, one area at a time and rinse off. Ideally and traditionally this is used without the use of soap. When finished, thoroughly rinse your kese and hang to dry.


Made from goat hair


27cm length, 15cm width


Joined at the top (for easier exfoliating action and hanging for drying)


Made in Turkey




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Best exfoliating mitt you'll ever use

If you want to keep your skin fresh and smooth, and improve circulation too, the Luxury Hamam Kese is the best product you'll find. I wouldn't be without it.