Handmade and hand painted singular ceramic cats.  Painted in the classic 'Samur' style replica 15th Century Ottoman design in black on a jade green background. There is a combination of raised and flat painting techniques. Made in Turkey.  

$39.00 per cat.



These beautiful cats are approximately sized as below:

#             Description       Length     Width       Height

1 & 2     Crouching:         18cm        8cm             14cm

3 & 4     Sitting:                10cm        8cm              14cm

5 & 6    Stretching:         19cm        9cm             14cm

7 & 8     Playful:                  17cm       10cm            8cm

9 & 10  Pawing:                  13cm       11cm            16cm 


-   As each piece is handmade and hand painted yours will be the exact one pictured.  Please note that these are original handmade pieces and as such there may be small irregularities that distinguish this piece from machine made counterparts.



- We take care to pack all our ceramic orders with the appropriate protective wrapping to ensure your order arrives to you safely.

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