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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between carpet and kilim?

Kilims are a flat woven rug, made by passing the wool (wefts) under and over the warps. There are many different techniques of flat weaving including slit weave, sumak, çiçim and more. Carpets are a knotted wool, or pile rugs. Generally speaking carpets are thicker than kilims, depending on the length of their pile.  Check out our blog entry: What is a kilim?


What do your categories mean?

Our rugs are classified under three categories. These classifications are estimates based on over 40 years experience in the Turkish rug trade as it is impossible to give an exact age.

New: Recently newly made <10 years old

Old/Vintage: 20-60 years old

Antique: 70+ years


Do Turkish rugs use child labour?

Turkish rugs do not include or promote the use of child labour. The rug weaving tradition in Turkey has continued, some believe, from as early as 500 BC and has been an integral part of its culture for just as long.   Young girls will invariably be surrounded by the spinning and weaving process from a young age, this is how motifs, designs, palette and skills are passed from generation to generation. However, it is when a woman is passing into adulthood and through her middle age life that she produces the fine, beautiful rugs that have come to embody the Anatolian culture.   A child's small nimble fingers that make them a target for exploitation in other weaving cultures, are not useful to an Anatolian weaver.   


How do I clean my rug? And how often should I clean it?

It is a good idea to get your rugs professionally cleaned at least every 5 years, depending on your use. Your rugs should be cleaned by someone experienced in cleaning handmade rugs and not just a carpet dry cleaner. This is because most of our rugs use hand spun wool and natural dyes, and the use of chemicals in dry cleaning process will strip the wool of its natural lanolin and hence damage the rug’s appearance and life span. We offer a competitively priced cleaning service for all our customers.

You can shake or beat your rug as often as you like, the more often the better. And vacuuming will not hurt it either however, be careful not to vacuum the tassels as this pulls at the whole structure of the rug.

For spills, dab (do not rub) the area to absorb as much liquid as you can.


How will my rug/product be delivered?

All postage within Australia is sent via Australia Registered Post. Due to the majority of our goods being one of a kind, we may require our items to be signed for on receipt.


How good is the colour match on products?

Whilst we make every effort to accurately reproduce the appearance of each product there may be colour differences.   Different colour display settings on computer monitors and particularly phones/tablets can have an effect on the appearance of colours. The best advice we can give is to view the products in person but we know that this is neither always possible nor convenient. Therefore, we are always happy to send additional photo’s prior to purchasing and of course receive rug returns within 7 days.  Images viewed on a android/iPhone/smart phone show colours brighter than when viewed on a desktop/laptop.


The rug I like is sold, will there be another one?

In short, no or maybe.  There may be a similar kilim from the same area and hence similar colours and designs but no to kilims are exactly the same.  The beauty of these kilims lies in this fact.  As soon as new shipments arrive we upload the photos as fast as possible.

The rug I like is too long, can anything be done? 

Absolutely. We can alter the length of the kilims in most cases.  Nothing can be done to the width but if you need an alternation to the length, this is not a problem.  If heading down this route, we must insist that you try the kilim in your home first so as to be 100% sure that it suits and then we can look at shortening it for you to your desired length.


Do I haveto use a rug underlay?

No, but it is highly recommended especially on hard floors.  I have become converted after starting to use the underlay for our rugs at home.  Some benifits include: 1)stops the rug/kilim from 'walking'/scrunching up, 2) protects and extends the life of kilims and 3) feels better underfoot. 


I saw something instore but I can't see it on the website.  Can I buy it still?

We can certainly try for you.  If you send us an email at nomadicson@live.com.au and give us a brief description of what you are after we can send you some pictures of possible products and postage costs.


Is your website secure?

Yes we are secured by Geotrust and have our SSL certificates to provide you with safe online shopping.

Are all the rugs online viewable in the shop?

The majority of our collection is in the shop, but not all.  If there are some particular pieces that you are wanting to view, please send an email or text (with #codes) the day before you plan to visit and we will make sure that all the pieces are in store available to view.

I can't make it weekend, can I make an appointment to view your rugs? 

You sure can.  Please email us or give us a call to arrange a day and time that suits.


Should I get postal insurance?

It is completely up to your own discretion. However we can highly recommend taking advantage of the postal insurance offered by Australia Post (for both National and International orders). It only costs an additional $1.50 per $100 dollars of value but your parcel and items are covered for any loss or damage. You took the time to choose your item/s carefully and we take utmost care to ensure all orders (particularly ceramics) are packing securely. However we cannot be responsible for loss parcels or items damaged in transient. If you have chosen to add insurance and there is a loss or damage we will arrange all contact with Australia Post for you.